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Who said knives were only used for cooking food or hunting? Men throughout ages have used knives as an important and lethal weapon that can take anyone’s life. One such type of knife is Karambit knives that were originally designed for the Indonesian minority group, the Minangkabau people. These people used them as tools for self-defense during their civil wars.

Today, these knives are still popular among martial artists and fighters in Asian countries. These knives are generally curved with a sharp point and can be used as a type of makeshift weapon. Karambit knives have been illegal to carry in some areas, and some states require you to carry licenses for them.

What are Karambit knives used for

Karambit knives are famous for their distinctive recurved shape, although there are many different varieties. This makes the Karambit ideal for slashing and stabbing motions. Traditionally Karambit was used in Southeast Asia by villagers as a self-defense knife; they could easily draw the Karambit from its hiding place in a dress or skirt, strike, and then quickly hide the blade while pretending to be innocent. A Karambit is held with the index finger passing either under or through the ring on the handle (thumb side).

Today it is used primarily as a utility pocket knife. The Karambit has been adapted into more diverse uses due to its design, availability, and versatility as a weapon. It can be found in many shapes and sizes too at our store.

Karambit knives are used extensively in the kitchen and are a must-have for any chef. Here are some of the reasons why they’re so popular: they’re lightweight, sharp, and have very little to no resistance when cutting through food. Karambit knives also have high-quality steel that is corrosion-resistant, ensuring the longevity of sharpness.

Dealing with Meat

Karambit knives cut through meat with ease because it has a curved blade that pulls against the natural way your hand moves as you saw back and forth. This sawing motion is very efficient at cutting meat because it creates less friction between your knife and the surface of the food you are trying to cut through. Karambit knives are also great for cutting through bones and joints of meat since they can saw effortlessly through these kinds of joints.

Cut Fruits

Karambit knives are very popular for cutting fruit because of their ability to saw effortlessly through any fruit. This sawing motion helps with separating the flesh of the fruit from the skin and seeds without damaging the flesh inside.

Chop Veggies

Karambit knives are great for chopping vegetables because it is highly versatile, allowing you to choose between chopping behind or in front of you if you need a lot of power or precision respectively, no other knife can do this quite like a Karambit knife.

Karambit knives in Store

If you’re looking for a good Karambit knife, reach out to us. We have some of the best Karambit knives with fixed blades. All our knives are available at affordable rates.

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