Quality Skinner Knives for You

Skinner knives are one of the most popular types of pocket knives in the world. This is because they’re easy to use, affordable, and versatile. If you’re interested in owning a Skinner knife for yourself, we have some of the best Skinner knives available in our stock.

What Are Skinner Knives?

Skinner knives are special folding pocket knives that open and close through the use of a metal bar located at the base of the blade. What makes them so unique is their ability to be opened and closed with one hand, which is something other types of folding knives lack.

What Are Skinning Knives Used for?

In the past, Skinner knives were primarily used for skinning and butchering animal carcasses. At this time, most people used a traditional straight knife that would require two hands to open and one hand to close. In recent years, however, Skinner knives have been used in a variety of other ways. Regardless of whatever your purpose might be, you can find the best skinning knife in our store.

What Are The Different Types of Skinning Knives?

Skinner knives can be divided into three basic categories based on their function: skinning knives, fillet knives, and pocket knives. Skinning knives are designed specifically for use when processing animal skins for leather products like boots and belts. They’re also quite good for processing other tough materials like cowhide or calfskin.

Choosing the Best Skinning Knife

If you need a little time deciding which type of Skinner knife best suits your needs, then take a look at our collection of Skinner knives. They are constructed using a Damascus blade that makes them stand out from other knives in the market. At The Damascus Knives, you’ll be able to find everything from small keychain blades to large hunting knives that will serve as essential tools for your outdoor adventures. Visit the online store to learn more.

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