Get Your Hands on Our Premium Trapper Knife

Trapper knives are very versatile knives that were originally designed for trapping animals. They’re small and lightweight, which means they’re easy to carry. They typically have a curved blade with a fine point and a long, unsharpened top edge. This is so that the knife can be used as an impromptu wire cutter by placing one finger of the freehand on the unsharpened edge and using it as a scissor blade to cut through objects such as wire mesh traps, chains, ropes, and cables.

The History of Trapper Knives

The first trappers were fur traders who needed compact tools for catching and skinning these wild animals. The first trapper knives were made of wood, bone, or even antlers. They were designed with curved blades that would easily cut through fur and hides without damaging the valuable pelt.

Since then, this small tool has undergone many changes to meet the needs of hunters, fishermen, soldiers, and outdoorsmen. Today’s trapper knives are built for more than just trapping animals. They are designed to be used for a variety of tasks around camp.

Trapper knives are very durable tools due to their simple construction. They are usually quite small in size because they are mainly used for skinning smaller animals. Their handles are typically made from wood or plastic with rivets holding them together.

Trapper Knives for Sale

At The Damascus Knives, our trapper knives are very affordable and come in several different materials from stainless steel, bone, textured plastic, and aluminum all the way up to exotic and rare woods such as ebony and jet blackwood (ironwood). If you’re looking for a trapper knife, we have some of the best ones in stock for you. They come with shortened blades that are perfect for backpacking, camping, hunting, or fishing. Small in size, they are easy to carry and don’t weigh much either. Check out the collection to learn more.

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